The discovery of a large deposit of foundry residue near the lake is proof that Fontesteau was an important centre of activity during the Iron Age.

The proximity of the Bernet tumulus and the roman villa of Villambis links Fontesteau to this area known to have been inhabited for many centuries.

In this area, a little winding brook called the Jalle du Bernet is fed by 7 springs (FONT in old French) : hence the name Fontesteau.

1277 : construction of the Château itself ( see “le Feret et ses vins”)

The salamander carved over the dungeon door is thought to be a sign that King Francis the First visited the castle. The scallop shell decorations remind us that the pilgrims walking the Saint James Path passed through on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

During the French Revolution, Fontesteau is known to have sheltered an “irascible man” who hid his arms in the castle.

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