Château Fontesteau

Our flagship, this wine is simply the expression of the best the terroir of Fontesteau can offer.

Each year the grapes picked at optimum ripeness give us cuvées with different characteristic tastes. The plots are vinified individually so that each vat represents its own specificity when proposed at the blend tasting that takes place in the January following the harvest.

No vintage is ever the same as another. The magic of blending confers a unique style to each : The Cabernet Sauvignon is always the dominant variety in the Château Fontesteau blend, a deep and elegant wine.

Three-quarters of the blend is aged for 12 months in barrels (25% new) for a fine-tuning of the tannins.

A quarter of the total volume stays in vat to ensure a certain freshness and conserve the pleasant  fruitiness before the bottling is carried out from may.

According to personal taste, Château Fontesteau wines are at their best after 5 to 10 years in the cellar yet never disappoint those patient enough to wait 20 years or even more.

Usual bottling volumes :

  • around 120 000  units  75cl (heavy 600g bottle)
  • 2400 units      37.5 cl
  • 1200 units      150 cl
  • 25 units          300 cl
  • 10 units          500 cl

Packaging :

  • standard,
  • reinforced cardboard /6 or 12 bottles,
  • cardboard box of 12 half-bottles,
  • cardboard box of 6 magnums
  • Wooden case ( 3,6,12….)  or special cardboard box/gift box on request

Château Fontesteau - 33250 Saint-Sauveur Médoc - France | Tél. +33 (0) 556 595 276

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